ITALIC: Final Art Project

At the beginning of my freshman year at Stanford I decided to join ITALIC, an arts residence-based academic program for first year students. Since then, I have been exposed to art criticism and art work of all forms (film, improv, poetry, public art, music, photography etc). Although I initially feared reading pretentious, inaccessible writing, I have […]

Building from Memories

I already think my fascination with memory and the past consumes too much of my writing… yet i’m returning to these thoughts in black-out poetry: Memories belong to us, yet our understanding of them are filtered through so many lenses. Our mood, what surprises us, what our senses suggest is worthy of attention, and the effect of language […]

Top 5 Websites for Creatives (Especially creative writing and art!)

1) Brain Pickings ( A great combination of fun and meaningful posts. The site is extremely user friendly. They make an effort to be concise and still lure you to click into other links that give you extended content on references made in the post. 2) Asymptote Journal ( My friend introduced me to Asymptote […]

Why is knowledge power?

After returning from visiting my friend, I decided to spend my thirty minutes on the Caltrain thinking about what ‘knowledge is power’ really means to me.  Here is my ‘blogplop’: Why is knowledge power (beyond the advantage to threaten, or the ability to master and produce the result one wants)? Beyond the surface of why […]